Friday, July 13, 2007


Life.. is full of BP-DR-FP... (amongst other things!)

Thats all it is about.. Left, right & center.. Lets face it! Most of the time, we are thinking:
"I want a car - How do i buy it"?
"Hmmmm... this month, I can buy that TV, next month, pay credit card bill"
"This is ALL the money I have..and there is mom and dad, whom i dont want to take money from"
"I realllly want this car"
"I cant afford it right now"
"Maybe I will get a good appraisal, and money will flow in"
"But, considering the way things have been in my life, I am jinxed"

We have a lot of desires.. "I want this.. I want that.. I wish I could buy this.. aaaaaaaah! i wish i could buy that..." Nothing wrong there!! None at all!!!

We just don't have enough money to do all the things we want to.. "Maybe its time for a job switch.."

You think then, that our problem is not planning our money well enough? NO..

I say,we have a lot of desires.. and we want to make all our wishes come true.. We tend to think," Hmm... Yeah, so whats wrong with that?" "Well, you know.. once I get the house with the TV, AC,fridge,kitchen, DVD player, car, send money home, plan my taxes, plan my investments and have some money left, THAT DAY, I will be a happy man/woman"! Good luck with that buddy!!!

Life is really all about 'What We Dont Have".. Take my case for example.. I am in Chennai, with my folks - happy! I wish I was in Mumbai every Friday evening! (desire) ..'coz I have no friends here.. doesn't mean I wont make them, rite!? Sure, i will.. Its all a matter of time (planning for future)..its just that i came back to the city i grew up in to find all my friends gone (past).. So, How do i get to mumbai? Lemme see.. (planning).. How much will it cost? How much do i have? (budgeting).. Ok.. I can plan to go to Mumbai in the cheapest & most economic way by spicejet if i book my tickets for end of august (reality).. but, can i wait for one trip to see my friends in Mumbai till then? NO (desire).. AAAND its a vicious loop!!!

We are all caught in this vicious loop for D-P-B-F-P-R!!!!

Think about your desire... Tell me the top 5 desires you have..