Monday, September 17, 2007

Do you ever..

Do you ever feel mis-understood?
Do you ever feel no one understands you?
Do you feel like you can't say everything you want to all the time?
Do you feel out of place in a crowd?
Do you feel you don't know yourself sometimes?
Do you feel you don't understand how the world runs?
Do you feel no one cares?
Do you feel no one is worth caring for?
Do you feel upset that you can't do a thing that society won't comment on?
Do you feel chained in your thoughts?
Do you feel captive inside yourself?
Do you feel the world is infested with people?
Do you feel you are trapped in the matrix?
Do you feel...

Welcome to my life..

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Female Eunuch

The Female Eunuch is a book on feminism, written by Germaine Greer – a noted author in the field. It is very insightful for women, as it talks about the biology of a woman’s body, much in depth.. She has also dealt with aspects as romance, love, etc.

My post is not about the book. It’s about the concept of the book– ‘Feminism’, and more so on why in my view there is a fight for women’s rights per say, and how I have come to fight for it myself, but, in a very small way!

Feminism is as much about equal opportunities across gender, race, boundaries, etc.. as much as it is about fighting for a ‘woman’s’ place in this man’s world as well.

Enough reports have suggested that men CEOs draw 5 times more salary than women CEOs – You take any field for that matter- Journalism, Clerical, Management, Doctors (Medicine), even Social Workers for that matter – the men get a larger pay packet, even if the woman is in the same position! Why? (& please, spare me crap on ‘efficiency’ and ‘intelligence’.. yada yada yada!! I am talking about those who are at the same level in the same position in the same company!)

Consider this : I was with an IT company, and after 3 years of doing nothing great there, I decided to join my mom – who is in the service industry of providing training services & works from home. I love her field, and find it most challenging in work!! Most of my friends know of this transition I have made, and I have received mixed feelings from them – some worried, some jealous, some proud, some joyous, and some waiting to see when I will quit this to get into a ‘regular job’...

Recently, a friend called me to a movie for a 3pm show. I denied the wonderful opportunity to watch a movie for free, 'coz I was at work, and since she persisted that I come, I suggested the name of a common friend (who is working in a regular 9-5 job) whom she could try her luck with; to which she said, “Yeah, but, she will be at work”! (& she said this so unconsciously.. a freudian slip..)

Do you think she would have said the same thing to a guy who was working from home? She has many guy friends who work only at nights, but, she won’t dare call them, lest she is made fun of!

Here we are, in this world of opportunities… and here I am, fighting for equal opportunities for all, and my girl-friend against me!

We seem to be living in a world of mindsets that a ‘regular job is more safe & secure’.. that a ‘man can take a risk & start a business, but for a woman to do the same is foolhardy… that only a business which rakes in a lot of money is successful, and anything to do with ‘social work’ is time pass & not regarded as serious enough.. that MBA is more important than psychology… that understanding machines is more important than understanding the person next to you at work…